Since I first created these webpages, I've become aware that the internet is so monstrously, humongously massive that almost no-one will ever read them. It is now therefore in the context of this understanding that I, in all humility, hereby apologise for any impression they might give that I consider myself to have any significance whatsoever in the virtual universe...

Not the name of an Irish county or a Scottish fishing village, and certainly not a new fizzy drink, COCAMORA used to stand for COpyright Charles Arthur MORAn. However, as that's too pretentious by far, I've decided it has to be the name of a remote island in the South Pacific. It hasn't been discovered yet, but I might just retire there.

Relatively few men share my first and last names. They include a Harvard business professor, a bloke who wrote a book about money (possibly the same person), and Winston Churchill's doctor: Charles, Lord Moran. There is also Charles Moran the demolitions expert, who had his 15 minutes of fame many years ago in a TV programme about... well, expert demolition.

Together they form an exclusive club. Here I am, shortly after becoming a member:


But that was long ago. My age is now... well, I was born in 1952, so you work it out (what? I should have to edit my age every year?!) and I'm still working as a manufacturing technician for Diodes Zetex Inc. in the UK. I dont exercise much, but recently lost weight, then put some back on. I have a lovely family: here I am with wife Ivy and our daughter Kathryn, who is... was born in 2003 (what? I should have to etc.,etc.).



I love my family more than my life, but this site is not about them. It's a personal indulgence, in part. It also has a purpose, not comparable with the (perfectly valid) one of being a husband and father: it relates to a different area of life entirely.



To explain: I'm a would-be philosopher, a teacher-that-never-was. I've always had an overactive mental life - totally invisible from the outside. At school, the other kids screamed and bounced around; I leant against a wall, staring at something only I could see, away in my own world.

My head was always full of ideas, but - and because - I never wrote them down for others to read. A philosopher is not really a philosopher if they don't communicate, preferably someday receiving FEEDBACK.

So, this site exists to give my mind a voice of its own. It's the stall on which I set out selected ideas for the casual browser, in the hope they might be of interest to anyone brave or foolhardy enough to plough through them.

If you, dear reader, are that one, please take a look at my writing:


Budgeting For Everyone. This is an article on running a domestic budget, which may be of use to anyone having money problems.

Update to Budgeting for Everyone. What to do about the economic squeeze affecting almost everyone?

Education, Motivation & ADHD. Education is a bit of a hobby-horse of mine. If any subject deserves getting worked up into a lather about, it's education.

Clutter! This article suggests a practical solution to the problem of a disorganised household.

Light relief. Two Songs, written and performed by me, courtesy of YouTube. They're not philosophical articles, I know, but: my site, my rules!

Peace, Politicians, PR and Promises, is an article on my least favourite subject: politicians. (Not politics!) It includes a link to two more videos by me, on related topics.


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