Budgeting For Everyone
By Charles Moran


In real life, I've noticed, stories rarely seem to have a happy ending. In the movies, the hero arrives just in time to find the kidnapped girl or defuse the ticking time-bomb but, outside that world, such satisfying results are hard to find. The tale which begins on the following page is about one search for a happy ending.

At first sight, the story appears to end happily. Around 1991, I began a household budget to manage my finances, and I've kept it running ever since, updating it every week without fail. It is one of the very few decisions I've made, which I've not had cause to regret (the others being...

...buying my first house,

getting married and...

having our daughter Kathryn).

The only reason I allow myself to take pride in this decision is the supporting evidence. So far (not to take anything for granted) my family has had a long period of financial security. This is partly due to good luck, but mostly as a result of budgeting.

By "financial security" I don't mean great wealth, but the ability and resources to keep ourselves fed, clothed, housed, mobile, entertained, solvent, relatively secure and confident in the future, with all bills paid on time. But as for life before budgeting...(Click here to continue)


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